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York Elementary School

Hawthorne School District

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    Office Hours:  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    Office Phone: 310.675.1189 

    School Awards

    Principal’s Message

    Image Mrs. Moore  Our commitment at York School is to provide the best educational program possible for our students and for them to achieve success!  York's entire faculty  embraces a commitment to the ongoing pursuit of academic excellence. We encourage and empower one another’s creativity, diversity, and strengths to increase achievement of every child. There is mutual respect, support, and appreciation for students, families, staff and the community. The school is safe and clean.  Together, we  work to insure that the mission to promote a positive environment, physically, socially, and educationally occurs daily.  This creates a lasting impression!  I’m honored to be your principal and I look forward to welcoming you on campus to assist with this process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your child’s teacher and or contact me.           

    York Garden

    Space X Garden
    Sponsored by Community Kitchen and SpaceX

    School Mission

    School-wide Vision:

     York School is dedicated to a common vision of excellence through student achievement.  We are committed to ongoing collaboration driven by individual student data to provide a consistent standards based instructional program that will meet the diverse needs of our students.

    School Mission

    Our objective at York School is to educate all children. As educators we strive to provide an effective educational program which will offer all students the opportunities to develop their capabilities to their maximum potential. At York School, we provide an effective educational program which will help our students become contributing citizens in an ever changing society. The learning environment reflects an academic focus. The principal, staff members, parents and students perceive school as a place to learn and hold high standards and expectations for student achievement and behavior.


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